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2002 Inet-Matrix
One Minute Manicure
The Only Complete Natural Hand and Body Care Product

The One Minute Manicure will pamper your hands, body and feet. It exfoliates your skin with its special formula of Dead Sea Salts and replenishes it with essential oils. Your skin feels silky smooth in just One Minute!

Dead Sea Salts promote regeneration of healthy skin and are rich in hydrogen sulfates.
Crystal salts gently exfoliate while purifying the skin.
Sea Salts are rich in minerals, including calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium and zinc.
Grapeseed is a natural anti-oxidant and helps protect the skin from environmental factors.
Grapefruit cleanses, refreshes and soothes the skin and is a natural astringent.
Spearmint soothes the skin and acts as a mild antiseptic.
Avocado softens and increases elasticity of the skin while relieving dryness.
Jojoba nourishes the skin leaving it smooth and supple.
Apricot is smooth, lightweight and rich in minerals.
Orange is a natural source of vitamin C and a natural disinfectant.
Rosemary is a natural and non-greasy cleanser.
Vitamin E promotes healing and helps relieve skin redness.
Walnut helps support the skins natural breathing function.

3 oz
13 oz
30 oz

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