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2002 Inet-Matrix
Louisiana Specialties

Louisiana Foods

Mardi Gras Dip
Tastes great with chips or fresh veggies
Great for parties
French Market
Premium Specialty Coffees

2 ounce size
A variety of Chef Hans' Gourmet foods
Jambalaya, New Orleans Red Beans and Rice,
Creole Gumbo, New Orleans Bananas Foster

Assorted Louisiana Pralines
hot sauces
and other Louisiana foods

Louisiana Gifts

Porcelain Magnolias

Variable Pricing
Louisiana Christmas Ornaments

Variable Pricing

Louisiana Books

The Louisiana Proud
Collection of Home Cooking

by Andy Smith
How to Mardi Gras
by Robert Trudeau (local Shreveport author)

So Good... Make You Slap Your Mama
by Marlyn Monette (local Shreveport author)


and More!!!

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